To close a portal to another world, you must find crystals protected by puzzles. Only WITH THE CRYSTALS WILL YOU BE ABLE TO CLOSE the gates and protect the world from the monsters!

Danger threatens from worlds long believed to have passed! The local portal guardian has been put out of action by a powerful spell and now malicious creatures roam our enchanting, proud and unique city again. But there is hope! You! With the help of this powerful artifact, legend has it that determined heroes can find the hiding places of the 3 magic crystals.Solve the puzzles that seal them with courage, intelligence and speed, and close the portal again.

Magisches Portal Spielbeginn - Screenshot vom iPad
  • augmented reality

    Thanks to modern technology reality and fiction blur to an unforgettable experience.

  • Difficulty level

    The portals cannot be closed just any old way! Make a conscious decision whether you are really ready for the worst portal guards!

    Level 3: An exciting round for everyone - guaranteed.

    Level 4: You should bring some courage and experience!

  • Equipment

    For your search for the crystals you'll get an iPad and a bag with many useful items

  • Flexibility

    Every booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 72 hours in advance. Provision has been made in case of rainy days ... 😉

  • GPS-based

    The puzzles are scattered all over Frankfurt city centre. Only by being at the right spot can you solve them.

  • Group size & bookability

    We recommend a group size between 4 and 6 persons (but are flexible), of course you can play in several teams. Up to 12 persons can be booked online. For larger groups please use the contact form.

  • Groups in direct competition

    Additional routes can also be generated on request. Up to 200 people can play directly against each other.

  • Suitable for everyone

    With so many different puzzles, there is something for everyone between 10 and 99 years.

  • 2 to 3 hours

    The real duration depends on you. You should plan about 2-3 hours. ;)

  • Countdown

    If desired, the playing time can be limited and thus another difficulty can be added.

  • Languages

    The adventure can be played either in German or English.

  • Hotline

    With live tracking and a hotline we have brought everyone to their destination so far.

  • Start in the city centre

    In the shadow of the St. Katharinenchurch 😉

  • Price/costs

    from 20 € per person

  • Last Minute

    For short-notice bookings please contact us by phone or use the contact form!

Individual booking request & groups from 13 persons

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