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Christmas Special Indoor & Outdoor

Everyone knows them, the classic escape rooms. We bring the experience to the outside world and directly to you. This high-tech team adventure combines adventure and the spirit of discovery at the heart of Frankfurt or with you on site. Using GPS supported tablets, your team will be sent on a special tour. Only the use of all resources, Team spirit, strategy, knowledge, speed and healthy exercise lead us to our goal!

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Teamevent – Online Escape Room

You get individual access for each team (up to 5 players per team possible) and can get started straight away. 30-90 minutes (depending on your wishes, modular design) immersive puzzle fun. The players have to use their logical thinking, their intelligence, skill and powers of observation to find the "way out"! So be ready to use your detective mind to escape. Requirements: perfect organization and communication.

4 Personen analysieren am Mainufer in Frankfurt die Gegenstände des Agentenkoffers unseres Mobile Escape Games

Outdoor Escape Game

Our high-tech outdoor escape games combine the best elements of classic escape rooms, geocaching and technical skills. While the teams face an exciting mission, group cohesion is strengthened, communication is promoted and a lasting experience is created.