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Online Christmas Party

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You have to reschedule your planned Christmas party at short notice or you want to create the Christmas event online anyway? After this stressful and challenging year, your employees deserve to have another relaxed time together and you want to say "Thank you"? Then our Online Christmas Party Formats with our Online Escape Rooms are just right! Communication, fun, variety and challenges provide the perfect setting to close the year and celebrate together.

Date: flexible even at short notice, just ask us!

Number of participants: 10-1.500 persons

Browser-based, immersive games - no special technical requirements necessary

Supervised by our game leaders and moderators with award ceremony & battle mode possible

Online Teamevent

teamevent escape room dresden

"Teamwork makes the dream work" is a motto that is often lived, but this is not always so easy when your employees or colleagues work remotely or in a home office. Therefore we have a new event concept in which you and your team can test your communication skills and prove yourself together.

In close consultation with you, we organize a tailor-made event with 60-150 minutes immersive puzzle fun! We bring the team from all over the world together

Individual adjustments and wishes possible(e.g. logo integration, game adjustments)

Number of persons:
20 – 1.500

Corona measures:
Every player can take part in the online Christmas party in front of their own computer. Your employee cannot be more secure.


Online Escape Room: Lockdown

online escape room spielen

Book our new online escape game "LOCKDOWN" now and play directly from home! After booking you will receive an access code from us with which you can start playing immediately.

Online Escape Room: Diamonds are Forever

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Dive into an immersive criminal case and use documents, websites and a combination to find the perpetrator before his traces are blurred.

Online Escape Room: Lost Christmas

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Stolen wish lists! If you don't find the thief, it will not be a happy Christmas for thousands of children this year. Hurry, because Christmas is at stake!



Wir haben bis einschließlich 01.11.2020 geöffnet und danach leider bis zum 30.11.2020 geschlossen!

Unter Einhaltung der aktuellen Hygienebestimmungen könnt Ihr bei uns bis einschließlich 01.11.2020 unsere Outdoor Escape Games direkt an der St. Katharinen Kirche spielen. Danach müssen wir leider gesetzlich bedingt für einen Monat darauf verzichten, euch unsere Outdoor Escape Games anzubieten. Alternativ könnt ihr natürlich gern derweil unsere Online Escape Rooms spielen, diese sind auch als Weihnachtsfeier und Teamevent Edition buchbar.

Machen wir also das beste aus der Situation!

Bleibt gesund und bucht gern schon für Dezember, wir freuen uns.

Your team from Frankfurt Secrets

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Winteredition: Operation Mindfall

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With a Mulled wine reception, the Christmassy Frankfurt becomes the best backdrop for your outdoor escape game. If you wish you can be in different teams simultaneously, master the mission on different routes and thus play against each other.


Operation Mindfall

Zwei Level Operation Mindfall

The unique Outdoor Escape Game with the trickiest riddles and most difficult challenges. that you can only master if you work as a team. Spider Technologies has already infected 20% of the world's population with a virus. Find the antidote and prevent the catastrophe!


The Magic Portal

Magisches Portal Level Two

With an iPad and ActionPack cases take you to another world. Solve riddles in the magical locations and collect enough crystals to close the Magic Portal and save our world from destruction. The perfect blend of augmented reality, puzzles with tricky haptic elements and local points of reference.


Enjoy the fresh air with the Outdoor Escape Games in Frankfurt

Escape Games have been established in Germany for several years and belong to the most popular activities for friendsbut also for Company at Teambuilding Events. With the Outdoor Escape Room in Frankfurt there is now the possibility to experience such games in the fresh air. Not only in times of health protection an important aspect. Because the mobile activity offers completely new approaches and allows you to experience completely new things with friends or your colleagues in Frankfurt.

Why outdoor Outdoor Escape Games are particularly suitable

Especially a city like Frankfurt has much more to offer than it might seem at first glance. With the Escape activities outdoors you can together with friends or colleagues not only have a lot of fun and solve different puzzles, but also benefit from the unique atmosphere of the city. In addition, these activities take place in the open air and are therefore much more accepted and safe in times of Corona. Especially if you are working with your colleagues in the Teambuilding measure an Escape Room, the outdoor solution for you can be the perfect choice be. You must also be present at the Exit Games still work in a team and rely on each other, but do not be in such close contact that this would be problematic.

How do the Outdoor Escape Games in Frankfurt work?

The big advantage of outdoor games is that they have few restrictions. Up to 500 people can theoretically be participate in the game, so that even large Company can surprise their employees. Thanks to modern technology, including Augmented Reality the boundaries of the real world become blurred, so that completely new experiences await the participants. The activities require not only brains and wits, but above all, cooperation with each other to solve the various puzzles and challenges. With the Outdoor Escape Games in Frankfurt you can enjoy a very special event together with your friends. As a mobile activity in the Frankfurt area, these games offer more than the classic exit room. So if you've been playing mainly indoors and were able to master all the puzzles there, you should try the outdoor challenge.

Healthy and exciting and always surprising

To keep the activities in this game exciting, the creators have packed lots of variety and exciting twists into the game. Only with brains and team spirit will you and your friends succeed in solving the puzzle around the exciting story and thus save the world. In Frankfurt you can also become a hero. Because in this game an exciting story comes alive for you and all participants.


Reviews on Google

review rating 5  I wasn't sure what to expect from an online version of an escape room, but it was actually really well done and quite challenging! Would highly recommend - we were six people and it took us two hours to escape!

thumb Natalie Lunt

review rating 5  Das online Escape Game "Ausgangssperre" steht dem normalen Escape Room in nichts nach. Wir hatten einen sehr spannenden Familiennachmittag 🙂

thumb Annika
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Jutta Grö
Jutta Grö
Ich empfehle das Spiel "das Magische Portal". Eine sehr familienfreundliche Geschichte mit Trollen und anderen... magischen Wesen.. -tolles Spiel mit leichten bis mittelschweren Rätseln, man lernt währenddessen die Frankfurter Innenstadt besser kennen -ein gut organisiertes Team, das Freude bei der Arbeit hatte -interessante Rätseltechnik (sog. „Erweiterte Realität“) -gute Idee gerade in Corona-Zeiten, da das Spiel im Freien stattfindet 🙂read more
Nicola Nowak
Nicola Nowak
Sehr abwechslungsreiches Spiel mit kniffligen Aufgaben. Tolles Event, wenn man abends nicht aus dem Haus kann und in... verschiedenen Orten wohnt!read more
Andreas Stelljes
Andreas Stelljes
ein sehr unterhaltsames und spannendes Rätsel welches aufwendig gestaltet und durchdacht inzeniert wurde... wir hatten... jede Menge Spaß... ich empfehle das online Spiel daher gerne weiter.!!!read more
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